Maintenance Services

IDTR offers Maintenance Services to SSI Units at Concessional rates. We undertake Consultancy works & Short Term Course in Operations & Maintenance of various types of CNC machines, as mentioned below.

  • CNC Operation & Maintenance Course.
  • Consultancy on Servicing of CNC machines.
  • Attending any Break down of CNC machines.
  • We are having a Computerized Equipment to diagnose the fault on any type of Electronic Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).
  • Repairing of any type of Faulty Electronic Printed Circuit Boards which are used in various applications like, CNC Machines, Computer Hardware, Medical Equipments, EPABX, etc.

Our Charges are...

For Machine Break down Service
  • Service charges - Rs.2,000 per day.
  • Spare Parts - Extra.
  • Conveyance charges - To & Fro II A/C and local Conveyance (outside Jamshedpur)
    Local Conveyance only (inside Jamshedpur)

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Repair
  • Testing charges - Rs.500 to Rs.2,500 (depends upon the size of PCB)
  • Repair charges - Depends upon the criticality of problem.
  • Component charges - Extra (if IDTR provides)
  • Fright/transport charges Extra (if applicable)


  • Testing charges are to be given in advance, irrespective of PCB repaired.
  • Service charges are applicable only if PCB works at the time of testing.

Maintenance Consultancy
  • Any Consultancy regarding the Diagnosis of Problem in machine PCB - Rs.1,000.
  • Conveyance charges - (if applicable) charges as mentioned above in I - c.