Procedures followed for the Decision Making Process

Procedures followed for the Decision making process including channel of Supervision and Accountability

Under Section 4 (1)(b)(i) Right to Information Act 2005

IDTR functions are mainly in the area of Technical, Long Term and Short Term Training in Tool Engineering & CAD/CAM are being imparted to the Matric / ITI / Diploma / Engineering students as well as personnel already working in industries. Design & manufacturing activities are being undertaken in Production Department. Besides the supporting activities such as purchasing of materials & tools etc., Store keeping and Administrative and Accounting activities are also there.

For efficient management of the activities there exists a system to ensure speedy & correct decision making process. Procedures adopted are as follows:

1. General Process

  • The Section I/C will himself initiate action on the receipts keeping in view the priority requirements.
  • Paper work will be kept at essential minimum.
  • Least time will be taken for disposal.
  • While disposing cases, the Section in charge will aim at optimizing quality as well as quantity of work performed by him & submit the same to the HOD.

2. Standard Process Sheet

For dealing with cases of repetitive nature such as issuance of tender, comparative statement of tenders, order confirmation, job process sheets, sanction of leave, forwarding of applications etc. Standard Process Sheets are advised and being used.
In case of Administration and Accounts standard forms are also used besides the statutory forms.

3. Level of disposal and channel of submission

As the activity of IDTR is mainly technical in nature the level of disposal and channel of submission have been kept minimum. The Section-in-charge is to initiate and suggest the action to be taken to the Head of the Dept. who has been delegated with certain administrative and financial power to take decision and dispose off the cases. Decisions to be taken beyond the power of the HODs shall go to the General Manager, Chief Executive of IDTR for disposal who has been entrusted with financial and administrative powers to manage the day to day activities of the Tool Room. In case of policy decisions the matter shall be referred to Chairman / Governing Council.